vision and action

The need for standard Psychological First Aid protocols have been recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) as a crucial factor in dramatically increasing both the individual’s and community’s immediate response capabilities and overall resiliency in stressful and emergency situations.

The model, developed by Dr. Moshe Farchi from Tel-Hai College, has been found by the Supreme Council for Mental Health in Israel to be the suitable model for initial Psychological First Aid interventions in the field during an emergency or stressful situation. The model was also found to be suitable for immediate interventions in cases of secondary traumatization (First Responders’ trauma).

Our vision: to increase the ability for anyone to provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) and enhance functional resilience on both the personal and community level.

Professional training

ICFR Ltd. offers Lectures, workshops and courses for both professionals and non-professionals, to provide mental response capabilities based on the SIX Cs model of functional resilience.


ICFR Ltd. provides consulting that includes: resiliency assessment, counseling, building a work plan, assimilating resilience within existing procedures and more.  Our consulting services can be tailor-made to adapt to our customers’ needs and goals.

Tools & applications

ICFR Ltd. provides customized application and learning software for customers.

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