ICFR Ltd. offers workshops ranging from four hours to a full day and are available for members of all types of domains and organizations.
Our workshops are tailored to the client’s needs and capabilities. Our workshops include theoretical background as well as interactive participation from the audience allowing them to experience the benefits of the SIX C’s model through small group demonstrations, discussions and classroom exercises.
The theoretical portion of the workshops (opening lecture and summary of the day) can be carried out in an auditorium for a larger number of participants, followed by smaller breakout sessions of groups of up to 22 participants. ICFR will allocate a senior instructor to each breakout session. The workshops are designed to provide hands-on experience implementing the SIX C’s model at the individual level and helping others in their immediate surrounding.
The workshop will be accompanied by educational and visual aids such as pamphlets, clips, etc..
Participants will receive a certificate of participation upon the completion of the workshop.

For more information contact us>> info@icfr.co.il

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