Brig. Gen. (Res.) Abraham (Avi) Bachar


Brig. Gen. (Res.) Bachar was the former head of the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. NEMA is responsible for ensuring the continued provision of critical needs and services necessary for the population in times of war or as a result of natural or man-made disasters. NEMA monitors and prepares the government offices, the municipalities and critical infrastructures for multiple emergency situations, through guidance, coordination, instruction, and exercises.

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Bachar completed his military career in the Israeli Defense Forces as the Chief of Staff of the Home Front Command. In this position, he determined and wrote the National Response Plan for Earthquakes in Israel. He was a special consultant to the Israeli National Police (INP) where he was responsible for defining the Concept of Operations for dealing with CBRNE events in wartime and conducting National level exercises.

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Bachar has been nominated to lead the interdisciplinary teams for preparing all the Israeli government agencies and first responders for emergency management and critical infrastructure resilience

Moshe Farchi, Ph.d


Dr. Moshe Farchi, PhD. is an expert in the fields of acute trauma, emergency mental health intervention, Psychological First Aid (PFA) and psychological inoculation, among other fields associated with PFA protocols.  Dr. Farchi has also conducted extensive research into the fields of resilience empowerment and trauma symptoms reductions, primarily during the acute stage of trauma (ASR-ASD).

Dr. Farchi is the Founder and Leader of the SIX Cs model for resilience derived from empirical academic knowledge and lessons learned by Israel’s Home Front Command, EMS, and other emergency response units.  To date, this model has been recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Health as the national PFA model. It has already been adopted and successfully utilized by the Ministries of Education, Health, and Internal Security in Israel, Israel traffic police, as well as by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Dr. Farchi founded and is currently the head of and senior lecturer in the Stress, Trauma & Resilience Studies Program at Tel-Hai College.

During his service in the Home Front Command of the Israel Defense Force, in which he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Res.), he was responsible for planning & implementing emergency interventions protocols.  He also led trauma relief efforts during Operation Cast Lead (2009), Operation Pillar of Defense (2012) and Operational Protective Edge (2014).  He was also the head of several humanitarian psych-social delegations to Sri Lanka, Georgia and Haiti on behalf of the Home Front Command

Col (Res.) Itai Peleg


Col. (Res.) Itai Peleg is an expert in the fields of emergency preparedness, crisis management, command and control and exercise planning.  He currently consults various government agencies and critical infrastructures throughout Israel and the EU on Emergency Management and Preparedness.

During his career in the Israel Defense Force, Col. (Res.) Peleg held multiple command and training positions, including the former Head of Strategic Planning for Israel’s Home Front Command, where he was responsible for drafting national scale scenarios for relevant threats including, but not limited to, wartime, manmade and natural disasters.  He was also the former Head of Training & Courses and a Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) Battalion Commander.

For the past four years, Col. (Res.) Peleg has been the commander of a territorial brigade covering the Northern Gaza Strip responsible for the civil protection of all the civilians in the region.    Previously, he was the urban S&R Battalion Commander for the IDF’s Homefront Command during the Second Lebanon War.   Finally, Col. (Res.) Peleg has been involved in international humanitarian aid missions on behalf of the Israel to multiple countries including Turkey, Greece, Kenya, among others

Maayan Dekel

Executive assistant

Ms. Maayan Dekel is currently studying towards a Masters in Emergency & Disaster Management from Tel Aviv University.  She received her Bachelors in Social Work specializing in stress, trauma and resilience from Tel-Hai academic college in Northern Israel.

During her service in the Israeli Defense Forces, Ms. Dekel was a Captain in and Director of Combatant Training for the Givati Brigade

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